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This is a fan group about UnderTale where all UnderTale and UnderTale AU fan arts are welcome.
Founded 1 Year ago
Jan 21, 2017


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Fan Club

176 Members
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6,416 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Aaron - Hello Ladies~ by BelieveTheHorror
Alphys Headshot by punkucats
underswap alphys fanart by Stereotyped-Orange
[$] Chibi Love!Alphys by Jeyawue
Valphys - Ref sheet [STREAM] by Jeyawue
Amalgamate Attack by igotsaladfingers
Endogeny by Fluffeh-Shiba
ENDOGENY by Meepars
Reaper Bird by StrayLuluCat
Character-Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog - Day 6 by FallingWaterx
Sm0lTale SPECIAL ATTACK by sm0lmiscreati0n
The Annoying Dog by Fluffeh-Shiba
Toby The Doggo by MarrowBat
Asgore - Day 16 by FallingWaterx
Chibi Asgore by Elizabeth787
Vasgore Ref Sheet by Jeyawue
Chibi Vasgore by Jeyawue
Character-Asriel or Flowey
expression sheet - Flowey by unazure
Flowey in a pot by Lilienwald
Omega Thorney by Jeyawue
Vasriel and Vlowey - Icon by Jeyawue
Inktober 8 Bratty by Arerona
Bratty by Zekehimberry95
Sparkly burger by MidLuuna
Catty by TheIndianaCrew
Catty sketchie aka catty needs more love by abluespy
Catty by animecherry123
Welcome to the Underworld by CharaLuvaChocolate
expression sheet - Chara by unazure
expression sheet - swap Chara by unazure
Chibi Chara by DocinhoXD
Wilting flowers by ActualSkeleton
Gaster by Arerona
Undertale - Grillby by skerbb
Nurse Jerry by NastyPug
Mettaton Baechella by SuperBecky
Character-Monster Kid
Monsterkid by Blustarpilot
Put a spell on you by ChubbyMermaid-Tumblr
Watercolor Napstablook  by Geeks4Squeaks
Beachin' by Miss-me-Chispy
Character-River Person
River Person by KuranaMinamino
Characters-Royal Guard
Undertale doge by Artfox34
::Pixel Xans:: by FouRxTwo
HOI!!!!! by EyesOfRed2333
Goat Mom by ActualSkeleton
us! undyne sketch by Stereotyped-Orange
Other Characters
QuantumTale: TimeKid!Sans by CyaneWorks
Own Characters
Aftermath by ValA8057
Multiple Characters
S M I L E by SuperBecky
Undertale Sansby - Requited Love by skerbb
Undersouls Sam by Elizabeth787
Stormstale Covers by Doudy20
Other Literature
Kingdom of Souls ((UT AU RP Part 1)) by KupcakeKitty
INKtobertale 2017 Day 27 by Doudy20
Mettaton Ex - Sing by AngelAngelyss
Artisan Crafts
Late nights messing whith my sleep by ValA8057
this isn't yours by Miss-me-Chispy
Myter Part 1 by Doudy20
Ask Blogs
Ink and I Part 13 by Doudy20
Undertale inspired OC: Adopts 3/5 (OPENED) by Blackroses112
Object-Waterfall Statue
undertale goat statue by ValA8057




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:iconart--is--love: Art--is--Love You are LOVED!
Hello again!

We added three new folders:

Adopts Folder
Object-Waterfall Statue Folder
Ask Blogs Folder

Please take note of these new folders when submitting adopts, ask blogs, or that statue in WaterFall to the group.  If someone could tell us if that statue had an actual name, that would be really appreciated.  Thank you.

On another note, the Unsure folder has been cleaned out the best we could, so now you can put more submissions in there when you are unsure of where they go.

Thank you for staying with the UT-Trash-United Group.  

We now have two new folders, Aaron Fanart and Jerry Fanart.  They aren't the most popular characters, but they deserve a folder too.

The Other Character folder and the Unsure Folder have both been cleaned out.

Please remember that:
-Character folders include both the character specified in the title and their different AU versions of themselves.
-If an artwork has two or more characters they belong in the Multiple character folder.
-Ask artworks go in the Comic folder.
-You should submit a character to the folder that has their name on it, if there is no folder with their name on it, put them in the Other Character Folder.
-If you are unsure of what folder to put them in, put them in the Unsure folder.
-We are still adding more folders, so have patience.
-If you can not put a character in a folder, you should notify the admins.


Hey everyone!  Here are some updates on the group folders:

First, there are some new folders.  Today, we added Muffet and Napstablook.  A few weeks ago we added Gaster,  Mettasansey, and a few others.  We are still working on new folders and thank you all for your patience.

Next, there is a folder that we replaced.  The folder Fan Art was replaced with Covers.  The reason for this is because people kept putting characters in the Fan Art folder.  The Fan Art folder was supposed to be used for Fan Art that could not be fit into other categories.  If art had characters in it, it should be put into one of the character folders, not a folder for different art.

Please follow the rules of folders.  If you do not know the rules; you may ask an admin or look in the description of the folders.  Thanks to everyone.
Hello! I'm one of the admins here, one of three actually. I felt like there needed to be an introduction to us so, here we go. :3

Founder: StrayLuluCat

This is Lulu, our founder. She makes most of the edits and decisions in the group. She is an amazing and talented artist so don't forget to go watch her. :3


TheIndianaCrew eyy, it's me! I submit a lot of work to the gallery and help make some decisions here and there, fun fact: I came up with the group name. You can call me Indiana, I have been Undertale trash since April of 2016 and I don't show many signs of slowing down lol.

sspacee This is Spacy, she is also an amazing artist so go watch her as well. Like me, she submits things into the group and helps make decisions here and there.(note from sspacee - sorry, but it appears that i will be taking my leave. i enjoyed seeing the wonderful art that has been shared in this group here, and i enjoyed my time here on DA, but, my time has come. however, if you wish to see my art you can go to my tumbr,…, i will no longer be active on DeviantArt, that is the reason why i am leaving the group, terribly sorry, but i'm losing interest in deviantart. Goodbye.)

If you have any questions feel free to ask them, we don't bite! Well I hope you all have a Sanstastic day!

Hey everyone!  I would just like to inform you all about the folders and make sure you all know the rules.

So far, not all characters have folders.  I am working on getting folders for those characters and I appreciate your patience.  So far, I have gotten most of the main character folders, but I still of some left to go (Napstablook, Gaster[If you think he is a main character], River Person, etc).  After I get through all of the main characters I will go onto the side characters (Snowdin villagers, froggit, etc).

1.  If it has mature content (gore, very sexual content, etc), then make sure it has a filter on it.
2.  Be sure to submit to the correct folder.
3.  If you are not sure what the correct folder is, then put your work into the folder titled "Unsure".  An admin will put it into the proper folder.
4.  If your work has more than one character, put it into the folder called "Multiple Characters".
5.  If you have problems with a folder, notify the group via notes.
6.  If your work was not accepted into the group, an admin will message you via notes and tell you why.  If you have not been messaged when your work was not accepted, then your form was probably accidentally deleted or the admins may not have been active at the time.  If it has been a week, resend the form and/or notify the group.
7.  Do not hate on folders and/or art in the folders.
8.  Rules on folders may change over time.
9.  If you have a folder you would like the group to have/think about, note the group about the folder.  You do not have to state any reasonings.
10.  Be patient and respectful.

Thank you for all your support and patience with the group.  We are still new, so it will take a while for us to set up.
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